Chiropractic rehabilitation treats an extensive variety of medical conditions affecting the brain, spinal cord, nerves, bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, and tendons. Chiropractic rehabilitation assesses and treats injuries, diseases, and disabilities. Most people first learn about rehabilitation after an injury or other traumatic incident.

When a muscle is torn or a major bone is fractured, you require help with careful stretching and training as it heals for optimal results. Managing your own rehabilitation could be risky. We incorporate multiple diagnostic tools to evaluate your injuries as you heal to ensure your treatment is helping your healing progress and not hindering it. See what chiropractic rehabilitation could do for your health today!



When you think of suffering and pains, you probably do not think of back pain as being one of the most common happenings of pain. That is unless you have back pain. Over 31 million Americans suffer from back pain every day. This pain is most commonly found in the lumbar spine.

Lower back pain where the lumbar spine is situated is the single leading cause of disability all over the world according to the American Chiropractic Association. Half of working Americans have back pain every single day and reports estimate that Americans spend around 50 billion dollars every year on back treatments.

Back pain is so severe in many Americans that it is one of the most common causes of missed work. Problems in the back end up leading to neuropathy symptoms for example numbness, tingling, weakness, and more. They also lead to headaches and contribute to the more than 37 million people in the United States that suffer from common migraines.



Your back is a structured system of bones, ligaments, muscles, and joints that work together to support your body and to help you move the entire day. Your back essentially carries the weight of your body and all your movements each day. It is no surprise then that millions suffer from back problems. Some problems are easily correctable for example poor posture, nutritional deficiencies, and repetitive movements. Other back problems are caused because of herniated discs or pinched nerves.

We could correct these problems as well as bad habits through chiropractic rehabilitation. If you struggle with chronic pain, the problem might lie within your 24 vertebrae in your spine. Many patients look for invasive surgeries or narcotic pain medications to prevent their symptoms and pain. Although, narcotics are addictive and surgeries do not always work but need weeks and months of recovery.

Chiropractic rehabilitation utilizes chiropractic adjustments and non-invasive, drug-free methods of easing your pain, while actually fixing the cause of your original problem. A series of adjustments could restore proper alignment to your back, improve your posture, ease your symptoms and restore greater flexibility and range of motion to your body.



If you have ever been to a chiropractor, then you know that a chiropractic adjustment comes with popping or cracking noises. These noises occur as we put you in different positions and apply gentle force to move your back into proper alignment or arrangement. Many people worry that the popping or cracking noises and feelings of adjustment are causing damage to the spine. Although, your skeleton creaks and pops anytime you stretch, even if you cannot hear it or feel it.

Chiropractic rehabilitation with its following adjustments is completely safe if you receive your care through a licensed professional. In fact, chiropractic rehabilitation has a far lower rate of related risk than any other simple medical procedure. Additionally, you do not have to worry about addiction as you do with narcotic pain medications. At the time of your appointment, we attempt to place your spine in correct alignment.

Our chiropractor applies a small amount of concentrated pressure to move vertebrae and to loosen or relax joints that have become frozen in incorrect positions. We place you in different positions depending on which direction your back requires to go, and then we apply gentle force. Patients could actually feel relief instantly with many of our chiropractic adjustments.



Many females already have some type of mild or generalized back pain before they become pregnant. Pregnancy and the extra weight of a baby could put a lot of wear and tear on the spine. Hormonal changes are also responsible for feeling back pain. Your pelvic bones and lower back where the lumbar spine is taking the most amount of pressure at this time, so pregnant females usually feel lower back pain. Thankfully, chiropractic rehabilitation is safe for pregnant females and could relieve intense pressure and pain they feel. This could also help their body be healthier and more relaxed for labor.



People look for physical medicine services to help protect them from injuries and treat them when they arise. Searching for immediate help after even a minor injury could keep you in the game rather than sitting on the bench.

If you or anyone you know is suffering from body-related problems, our expert providers at Zenith Injury Relief & Wellness Clinic will take care of your health and help you recover.



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