Say Hello To Frisco Doctor - Dr. Emiliano Chapa

Dr. Chapa is a chiropractor driven by passion and purpose. From graduating as the youngest in his chiropractic class to embarking on a transformative mission trip to Haiti, Emiliano’s journey is fueled by a deep commitment to helping others. With expertise in dry needling and a rich Latin heritage, he brings a personalized touch to every patient interaction.

For Emiliano, family is the cornerstone of his life, and his engagement to his chiropractic school sweetheart reflects his devotion to love and community. With Emiliano, you’ll find not just a chiropractor, but a trusted partner in your journey to getting well.


Growing up, I always had an innate desire to help people. I knew from a young age that healthcare was my calling. I was determined to make a difference in the lives of those around me. What I had seen my whole life up until I started Chiropractic school was medicine as the solution for sickness. With this mindset, I decided to pursue a career in pharmacy. Working as a pharmacy technician throughout my university years at UT Dallas opened my eyes to a truly broken system. Patients would come in month after month attempting to “treat” a disease with medicine that was actually just masking symptoms and not addressing the root cause. I was introduced to chiropractic towards the end of my senior year in college and with just a limited understanding of what its philosophies were, I took a leap of faith and redirected my goals by applying to and attending Parker University. It made all of the difference.

Though the curriculum was rigorous, challenging, and fast-paced, my four years of extensive training at Parker University were absolutely transformative. I learned about how amazing and resilient our bodies are and how, with proper alignment, nutrition, and fitness, they can be a powerhouse of healing and growth.

At ZENITH, we educate & implement exactly that through our recommendations. Our goal is to transform you into your best self. Our lineup of professionals under one roof allow for us to provide you a truly integrated and all-encompassing solution to your healthcare needs. It’s what I love the most about being a part of this movement. It’s more than just a job. We’re changing lives at ZENITH every single day and I feel excited, honored, and optimistic about the true healthcare we are bringing into the community.