There are countless reasons as to why you may be experiencing lower back pain. Your lower back pain may be localized in one small spot, or you may notice that your pain radiates or shoots to another area. Our staff has been well-trained to determine the cause of your pain, and create a treatment plan that is customary to you and your symptoms. Check out the links below for more information regarding the specific condition you are inquiring about.

Lower Back pain is a very common painful condition affecting 60-70% of the world at least once in their lifetime. Most cases of low back pain are resolved on its own, but some may require medical intervention from experts.

Pain in the lower back can result from conditions affecting:

  • Bony lumbar spine,
  • Intervertebral discs (discs between the vertebrae),
  • Ligaments around the spine and discs,
  • Spinal cord and nerves,
  • Muscles of the low back,
  • Internal organs of the pelvis and abdomen, and
  • Skin covering the lumbar area.


You would need the lower back pain specialist. Chiropractic care under our trained professional would help you prevent injuries in lower back as well as achieve total health and wellness.