Chiropractic Adjustments for Fibromyalgia

Researchers believe that fibromyalgia affects the way the brain processes pain signals, which causes painful sensations to flare up throughout the body. Chiropractic adjustments paired with manual therapies are a cost-effective way to help alleviate and treat the symptoms caused by fibromyalgia. Check out the links below for more information regarding fibromyalgia and options that may help maintain it.

Struggling with fibromyalgia may feel as if there will never be an end to the tingling, pain and exhaustion. With fibromyalgia chiropractic adjustments of the neck and spine chronic pain can be greatly relieved that you are living with.

Pain is the main fibromyalgia symptom. Main cause of fibromyalgia is believed to be the central nervous system receiving faulty or inaccurate pain signals. The chiropractic techniques help in realigning your body and re-establish the connection between the nervous system and nerves throughout the body.

Our experts at Zenith provide tailored non-invasive and drug free treatment for your pain free and quality of life.

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