Dr. Sunjay (Sanjay) Wagle is a Primary Spine Provider and Clinic Director of Zenith Injury Relief and Wellness Clinic of Hurst,Texas. His focus is patient-centered pain relief and being a high value care evangelist. He is a graduate of Western University and Parker University College of Chiropractic. He has 25 years of innovating and implementing transformative healthcare programs for neuromusculoskeletal, pain, bariatric and cardiometabolic disease management. He has created partnerships with healthcare systems, specialty practices and government medical programs championing clinical interdisciplinary collaboration for improved patient outcomes. Dr. Wagle’s vision for the future of healthcare is Health 2.0 (technology, evidence, data & actionable insight) evolved and integrated into Health 3.0 (restoring the human relationship at the heart of healing).

Dr. Wagle is married, has two children and two rescue Chocolate Labradors. He is a world explorer, avid hiker and a perpetual student of thought leaders, innovators, and ancient wisdom.