Post Covid

What is “Long Covid”?

Usually, recovery from a mild Covid19 infection occurs within 7–10 days; if the illness is more severe, it can take up to 3–6 weeks to recover. However, there has been a pattern of a substantial number of people who have recovered from COVID-19 showing one or more continued symptoms, even weeks or months after contracting COVID-19. This can be called “Long COVID” or “Post COVID syndrome”, and those that are suffering with it are referred to as “Long haulers”.

Some of the symptoms that can persist long-term are :

  • Fatigue and loss of energy

  • Cough

  • Chest tightness

  • Breathlessness or shortness of breath

  • Heart palpitations

  • Body aches and pains

  • Difficulty focusing or “brain fog”

How can Chiropractic help?

  • Chiropractic

  • Nutrition

  • Rehab


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