An ankle fracture usually occurs when one or more of the bones in the ankle are broken. Also, an ankle fracture can be a problem while playing any kind of physical sport or during a fall.

In this condition, the bones of your ankle can break externally (fibula), internally (tibia), or both. Due to which the joints of your ankle bones are affected, leading to difficulty in walking.

With the help of Ankle Fracture Surgery, any kind of injury or fracture in the ankle is corrected. In many such situations, surgery is the safest option to ensure that the ankle bones of the foot remain in good shape and can develop fully.





Ankle fracture surgery may be required whenever your ankle bones are unstable, temporary, or in poor shape. In some cases, the bones of the ankle protrude outside the skin of the foot, which is called an open ankle fracture, which requires Ankle Fracture Surgery. After surgery, the ankle bones in your foot should be developing and filling the gaps in a good shape.

If the bone filling is in the wrong position after this surgery, you may have more serious ankle problems in the future.



What should I know about Ankle Fracture Surgery?

Keep in mind that if the ankle is stable even after any type of fracture, you do not need ankle fracture surgery. Also, ankle fracture surgery can be risky if the person has other serious health problems.

After ankle fracture surgery, problems with ankle joint stiffness, weakness, and arthritic pain can be seen. However, such risks may be more likely depending on the individual’s medical conditions, medications, and lifestyle. In addition, conditions such as diabetes, steroid use, and smoking can also increase the risk after ankle fracture surgery.

Its good effect has been seen in most people after Ankle Fracture Surgery. However, it is not possible to make your bones stronger after surgery than they were before the injury. But, it is necessary that life can be lived comfortably.

Therefore, before getting Ankle Fracture Surgery, get a complete understanding of the benefits and risks associated with it. If you have any questions related to this surgery, ask us and our expert doctors or surgeons from Zenith Injury Relief & Wellness Clinic.


Ankle Bone fracture



Various techniques are used to make the person unconscious during this surgery.

  • In general, you are given proper instructions by the doctor to follow some important instructions before the operation. Under which you can be told how long before starting the operation you can eat something.
  • In most cases, the person is advised to have an empty stomach for about six hours before starting such an operation. However, one can drink liquids such as coffee or tea for a few hours before the start of surgery.



  • Ankle fracture surgery usually takes 30 minutes to 1 hour. For this, an incision is made in the affected area and the operation is done so that the broken bone can be repaired by connecting it. Doctors usually use screws and plates to repair fractures.
  • If you have any questions or concerns regarding this, consult your doctor or surgeon for more information.


broken leg



What Happens After Ankle Fracture Surgery?

You may be able to go home one to three days after the ankle fracture surgery procedure is complete. For the first one to two weeks, you should avoid walking until the swelling in your foot has subsided.

Your ankle will be placed in a plaster mold until your bones heal, which can take at least six weeks. You will be able to do your normal activities only a few months after the surgery.

Also, exercise should be done regularly, so that you can start doing your normal activities as soon as possible. Before starting exercise, be sure to consult with your health care team or your doctor.

Hope you have got answers to important questions related to Ankle Fracture Surgery in this article.

In this article, from the procedure of Ankle Fracture Surgery to taking care of yourself everything is covered But, if you still have any questions that are concerning you in your mind, our expert doctors and surgeons with professional expertise are there to help you right away at Zenith Injury Relief & Wellness Clinic.

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