In short, yes! Lower back pain is extremely common during pregnancy. “Chiropractic care has typically included the care of pregnant patients to assure the patient a comfortable pregnancy and to help facilitate an uncomplicated labor and delivery” (Borggren, 2007). Chiropractic adjustments remove the nerve interference to allow the patient to maintain proper mobility throughout pregnancy and after childbirth.

How will I get adjusted if I can not lay on my stomach?

Great question! There are many different methods and adjusting styles that can be performed to get the best results for pregnant patients. Some techniques include a special pillow for the pregnant belly to rest in, while others require the patient to lay on their back. “A specific chiropractic adjustment called the Webster Technique has been reported by chiropractors who use it to correct potential musculoskeletal causes of intrauterine constraint. Intrauterine constraint is defined as any force external to the developing fetus that obstructs the normal movement of the fetus. The technique is focused particularly on women in the eighth month of pregnancy with breech presentation” (Borggren, 2007). It is also recommended to continue getting adjusted regularly postpartum.


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Should my newborn get adjusted?

Absolutely! The birthing process is a trauma on both the mother and the baby. “The induced vector of force that may cause trauma to the newborn includes traction of the cervical spine coupled with hyperextension during the birth process. Forceps, cesarean, and suction or vacuum extraction can also cause trauma to the newborn’s cervical and thoracic spine and spinal cord and may warrant chiropractic evaluation” (Borggren, 2007). Chiropractic adjustments also are great for babies who struggle with constipation, “colic, sleep injecting a babydisturbances, poor coordination, noise sensitivity, irritability, breastfeeding problems (difficulties sucking, swallowing or latching on), restricted head movement or one shoulder higher than the other, ear infections, reflux, persistent colds or sore throats” (Afshar, 2017).

How will my newborn be adjusted?

Simply put, a newborn will not be adjusted as aggressively as an adult would be. “In a review of 1000 infants, Gutmann suggested that birth trauma frequently affected the atlanto-occipital joint, causing blockage or vertebral subluxation.  Correction of such a presentation may be accomplished through a light, precise, biomechanical adjustment, using various gentle techniques.” (Borggren, 2007). These methods can include the use of an activator, which is a spring loaded, mechanical instrument, or light pressure of the doctor’s thumbs/fingers.


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