The Workout is a very effective physical activity for weight loss. Besides weight loss, exercising has a lot of other physical, mental, and health benefits.  

  • It helps to increase your immunity. 
  • It maintains good blood flow in your body. 
  • It helps in better sleep. 
  • It improves your overall health. 

Secondly, the most important factor in weight loss is a healthy weight loss diet. Your nutritionist tracks your calories and body requirements through different formulas and weight loss calculatorYou cannot reduce your weight by only exercising, besides these, proper sleep, healthy lifestyle, and many other factors such as stress, your overall health condition also plays an important part in your weight loss journey. 

Therefore, if you are thinking that only exercise will help you to reduce weight then it’s wrong. A good workout routine can help you to maintain a good shape and burn calories. (Hurst weight loss) .


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The following workouts can help you to reduce weight effectively: 


Running is one of the most convenient and simple ways to burn out calories. Just tie up your shoes and start running on the road track or use a treadmill. The best way to run is to take small intervals while running as it will help you to reach your full potential and will help you to burn more calories. 

Jumping rope: 

It is one of the most popular workouts not only the best  for burning calories but a super effective exercise for your heart health as well. Average women of 140 pounds are observed to shed 320 kcal in half an hour by running. 

Strength training: 

Building your lean muscle is a vital gift you can give to your older self. As a person moves towards the age of 30, the metabolic rate starts declining. Strength training helps in building more lean muscles hence less fat leading to a faster metabolism. 

Therefore, if you are entering your 30’s, it is time to start strength training. It will not only help you to reduce fat but also help in maintaining good bone health. As the bone grows when it experience force, so strength training will help you to improve your overall health. 


It is one of the highest calorieburning exercises. It is a combination of cardio and strength training. As water adds resistance while swimming, a person forces his body to move forward overcoming that resistance, which leads your muscles to put an extra effort and use oxygen efficiently which in result burns calories and fats. 

An average of a 130-pound person can burn 590 calories per hour by swimming. 

Stair climbing: 

It targets glutes, hamstrings, and quads, which are the main muscles of your body. That is why no matter how a strong person is, stair climbing gives you a tough time. So stair climbing is one of the best workout targeting all major muscles helping you to maximize your metabolic rate, hence help you to reduce fat. 


If you are looking for something other than running, spinning is a great option as it targets all the major strongest muscles, triggers your hormones to produce more muscles, which adds strength to your body as well as it bur excessive fat out of your body. 


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