There are many physical problems that are commonly found in the human body. One of which is back pain. The complaint of back pain is happening in the elderly as well as in the youth. It is a condition that can interfere with a person’s routine activities. For many people, this problem resolves on its own. But you should know that back pain can become a major physical problem. Actually pain occurs in many parts of the body. It is common to have pain in the arms, legs and back. Some people have pain in the pelvic region, this can also happen due to injury to the pelvic bone which is known as “Coccydynia.”





Coccydynia is also known as tailbone pain. Injury to this causes pain and discomfort in the part of the tailbone and this condition is called coccydynia. Fractures in the pelvic bone are prone to detachment of the joint and can lead to bone spasms. Pelvic bone injury takes some time to heal. However, during the treatment, doctors advise the person to take rest as well as take precautions.

The tailbone is at the lower part of the spine. Pelvic bone injury is more common in women than in men. Injury to the pelvic can result from an accident or a fall for some people. In many cases the cause of the injury to the pelvic is not known. If there is an injury to the pelvic, it is diagnosed and treated by a doctor.



Before knowing what are the symptoms of pain in the pelvic bone, many other symptoms are seen in this condition like :

  • Difficulty walking
  • Pain when bending
  • Pain while sitting
  • Pain during defecation
  • Tailbone more sensitive


Coccydynia symptoms



In fact, many factors and conditions can cause pelvic bone pain. To diagnose a broken tailbone, a doctor may ask a person to have a medical history, a physical exam, and tests.

  • Possible causes of pain, including a fall or sports injury
  • Any problems related to your age
  • Pain that may come from other sources

A physical exam and a rectal exam will give the doctor more information about the location of the pain, as well as what may be causing it.

Problems with the piriformis muscle and nearby joints, for example – such as the sacroiliac and lumbosacral facet joints – can cause pain in and around the tailbone.


Causes of Coccydynia


X-rays suggest to the doctor about the damage done to the tailbone. The doctor may also recommend an MRI scan if the X-ray does not provide a clear image, or if the cause of the pain is to be determined.

Diagnosing a broken tailbone isn’t always easy, partly because of the structure of the coccyx and other conditions that may be present with the injury — such as obesity, gas, or constipation.



  • Injuries to the pelvic bone often cause pain. If the pain is getting more severe then it needs medical treatment.
  • Pelvic bone injury is also treated by giving a dose of pain relievers. These medicines reduce pain.
  • If the injury to the pelvic bone is a problem of persistent pain, then in such a situation the doctor may decide on other treatment.
  • In some rare cases, doctors may recommend surgery.
  • However, a pelvic bone injury can be corrected through physical therapy. The doctor may suggest some exercises to strengthen the pelvic bone.


Treatment of Coccydynia



There are some important tips you need to follow to prevent tailbone pain

  • Do not lean back while sitting
  • Avoid cycling
  • Avoid prolonged sitting at one place in one position
  • Use a cushion while sitting
  • Keep changing your sitting position

We have tried to give you all the information related to the treatment of what is Coccydynia. If you want to get treated for Coccydynia, you can opt for Zenith Injury and Wellness Relief Clinic

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