“I reached out to Zenith for weight loss. After recording my health issues Dr. Gill turned me over to his staff of professionals that educated me on how the human body works which in the end benifited me in being able to lose weight.

Carylon Vaughan


“Dr. Gill and his staff are awesome! I am a true beginner when it comes to working out. They are very patient and make sure you are not in any pain or discomfort. The great part is it WORKS! The diet plans are very easy to follow and that’s a plus for me. Thank you all for helping me regain my energy and restart my weight loss process.”

Sanchez Collins


“Wowwww! You are such mom goals”



“So proud of you my dear brother. Your amazing at what you do. Love you.”


“I am in my third month of suffering from post concussion syndrome. I’ve gone to neurologists, MDs, concussion clinics, and hospitals. None of them have helped me as much as I’ve been helped here. Dr Gill and his staff literally took me from halfway disabled into almost fully functioning again. Not to mention, they did this with no surgery, and no drugs. Don’t even bother going to Neurologists for concussions or post concussion other than for them to take a look at your CAT and MRI to see if there is bleeding. Once you get those checked, turn around and run away from the neurologists. They have no idea how to help. Come to Zenith.”

Lubby Singh Mann


“The staff are absolutely the greatest. They are very personable and friendly. I highly recommend this office!”

Kevin Navreet Pointer


“Such a great experience with Zenith. Integrated medicine is the future and Dr. Gursimran Gill DC is spectacular.”

Hamza S. Haqqi


“Friendly staff and very affordable! I have horrible knee problems that affect a few different areas of my life (everyday life and my daily workouts) and for the first time, I feel like I am somewhere that is going to help me beyond just rehabbing my knee. I am excited to start my journey and learn more..”

Jordan Flowers


“These people know what they are doing! Highly recommend them to anyone feeling better then ever.”

Angel Diaz


“I have been going to Zenith now for 2 months. My health and weight has improved tremendously!! I would recommend them to anyone that is suffering from pain and or weight gain!! The staff is helpful and wonderful!!! Can’t say enough!!”

Tracie DeBolt


“This place and the people who work here are saving my life right now. When I started I was a heavy depressed smoker who had no idea how to exercise. 2 months in…I have gained muscle that I never had, QUIT SMOKING, lost weight, and had pain alleviated that I was just “dealing” with for years. I LOVE this place. They hold me accountable for my lifestyle choices and are making me happier and healthier a day at a time. I love Dr. Gill, Daryl, David and Jamie! Thank you guys.”

Mandy Lu


“The Zenith staff is wonderful, I have been going to them for one month now,I do have a ways to go but just the time that I’ve been there I’m already feeling the difference, and I have lost weight? they are ALL AMAZING”

Danyelle Ramirez


“The staff at the Zenith Clinic in Lancaster are wonderful. You are always greeted with a smile. Dr. Gill and David have help me a lot with my back pain and stiffness. Thank you for everything. I can’t wait to get back. If you are in any pain and also need help with your diet and exercise, the Zenith Clinic is where you need to be!!!”

Meosha Vines Henyard


“Friendly staff… They are willing to help you out with any kind of pain or if you just want to have a healthy life style. Within just a week my neck pain and shoulder pain are getting better…I totally recommend this facility”

Ashley V.