A physical therapist diagnoses, assess and treat physical abnormalities and make them able to move and function properly. They use different techniques and methods. 

A Physical therapist is medical professionals who are licensed by the state they are working in. The Physical therapist usually has a Master’s degree or clinical doctorate. A Physical therapist helps you to regain your maximum capacity through personalized treatment. 

Do You Need Physical Therapy? 

In case of an injury that causes pain, fractures, loss of mobility or any physical improvement, then you need expert physical therapist services. 


benefits of physical therapy


Different physical therapist treats diverse age group; some give services to children some to elders or athletes. 

Problems that can be treated or evaluate through physical therapy include :  

  • stroke
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • sports injury
  • spinal cord injury
  • arthritis
  • amputation
  • cystic fibrosis

A Physical therapist helps athletes in there better movement and help them to be physically fit. 

What Happens During Treatments 

The Process of physical therapy usually begins from diagnosis to all the recovery stages of the disease. Typically, physicians refer patients for physical therapy. 

Usually, treatment includes four steps: 

  • physical exam and evaluation, 
  • diagnosis, prognosis, plan of care 
  • physical therapy treatment and intervention 
  • self-management recommendations

After physical and evaluation, the physical therapist decides which technique or method will be used to access the problem. Usually, treatment includes different manual and special techniques, which includes ultrasound, electrical stimulation, heat, and cold methods.  

Physical experts use therapeutic exercises to increase strength, body movement and strength. The Patient uses different techniques and methods using different models, brochures, and diagrams to understand the problem. 

Physicians usually have given different home taken guidelines for various exercises in which they can perform their own. 

Benefits of physical therapy: 

There are several benefits to physical therapy depending on the condition of the problem 

  • It can reduce pain, and avoid usage of opioids
  • It can help to prevent surgery by giving proper treatment
  • It Helps to recover fast from injury and improve movement.
  • Provide recovery from stroke or paralysis
  • It improves body balance and reverses age-related medical issues.
  • A therapist can help athletes to maximize their performance and perform better.

Physical therapy procedure depends on the nature of the problem; it varies from person to person and disease to disease, whereas physical therapy helps in maintaining good posture and healthy active body too. 

TYPES Of physical therapy: 

Following are types of physical therapy: 

Orthopedic physical therapy 

It usually treats different musculoskeletal injuries. It treats  

  • fractures
  • sprains
  • tendonitis
  • bursitis
  • chronic medical problems
  • rehabilitation from orthopedic surgery.  

Geriatric physical therapy 

It helps to recover from problems that hinder mobility, such as osteoporosis, Hip, and joint surgery, arthritis 

Neurological physical therapy 

It treats neurological disorders such as: 

  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • brain injury
  • cerebral palsy
  • multiple sclerosis
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • spinal cord injury
  • stroke

Cardiovascular and pulmonary rehabilitation By increasing strength and stamina can benefit people suffering from heart issues and surgical procedures.  

Pediatric physical therapy It treats deformities in infants and children, such as cerebral palsy, spina bifida. 

Wound care therapy Through this therapy, blood circulation is improved using different techniques which heal wound rapidly. 

Vestibular therapy Patients who lack average balance and coordination, due to inner ear conditions, they go for vestibular therapy. It includes different exercises and manual techniques. 

Decongestive therapy 

Patients suffering from fluid retention in the body usually go for decongestive therapy 

Pelvic floor rehabilitation People who go through any pelvic injury or surgery, are recommended. 

Finding a physical therapist 

While finding a physical therapist, there are different factors which include, the specialty of therapist, qualified and licensed physical therapists, location and expenses. 

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