In today’s market food is something that has been streamlined from the fast food we have so readily available to the easy cook rice we find in the isles at the grocery store. Let’s discuss a few common misconceptions about proper nutrition as well as a few simple things we use at ZENITH that you can implement into your daily life in order to improve your health and overall wellness.

First, let’s discuss a few points to help improve your fitness and help along your weight loss journey. Typically, the first thing people do when starting their weight loss journey is clean up their eating by cutting carbs, sugars, preserved and processed foods, but why? A simple answer, sugar and Toxins! Toxins are things that come from outside sources other than the earth. These slow down the metabolism and the bodies ability to convert food to energy. When you are looking to lose weight we want to minimize the toxins coming into your body to allow for the best function. A few foods to avoid include: tilapia, pork preservatives, salt, MSG, (all 50 or more types), and especially sugar. So as you go through the grocery store, pay attention to the labels and the ingredients listed. If they are hard to pronounce put it back on the shelf!

On the topic of sugars and fats, did you know your body does not actually store fat. It uses it!! Because fat has 9 calories per gram it is a great source of energy so we don’t store it, we use it. However, overconsumption of omega 6 fats and carbohydrates has changed the way our body’s fat burning process works. Instead of using, we are storing. Your body makes fat to use later by taking sugar and converting it into those pesky omega sixes. So, when we intake carbohydrates, alcohol, sucralose, high fructose corn syrup, etc. in excess, our bodies store the remaining sugars as fat for later. The overconsumption of sugar is rampant in our country. We constantly over-eat carbohydrates, and even the salty foods you eat in many fast food chains are laced with hidden sources of sugar. It’s no wonder the average waistline is a constant discussion on every major media platform today. So, with so many things going against us from toxins to over marketed cheap sugar fills, what can be done to improve our health and nutrition?

First, as discussed before, limit sugars and toxins. When grocery shopping stick to the outer perimeter of the store. Adding more green vegetables in place of previously over consumed carbs is the best thing you can do for your body. Lastly, limit your caloric intake (see post next month on how to make proper portion sizes.) by sticking to the hand method of food measuring.


misconceptions about healthy diet


Next, let’s discuss why internal gut health is important to overall health especially, when it comes to weight loss. The stomach and the proceeding intestine are the root of all wellness. By having a balanced flora and fauna, our body can function much better. However, it is hard to know what steps to take in order to keep your gut healthy and functioning properly. Below is one easy tip to help you keep a healthy and functioning gut – we call it the H.O.P.E. principal:

H – High fiber- sources include green leafy veggies whole grains and fruits.
O – Omega 3s sources include fish fish oil nuts seeds and avocados
P – Probiotics sources include yogurt and probiotic supplements.
E – Enzymes- sources include some fruits like papaya or any fermented product like kombucha kimchi sauerkraut and some cheeses with the exception of beer.

By simply adding these to your diet in pill or food form is the best way to ensure you are getting the most out of the foods you are eating.

As we discussed before, our relationship to fat is not the best. In order to better understand fats, let’s break them down by type. There are three types of fat that we ingest in our daily diet. Each has a purpose and a desired amount to be taken in based off of your individual body weight:

The first type of fat and the most abundant are omega 6 fats. This type of fat is what we see in undesired places in our body. However, it is these fats that help insulate organs and transmit neurological signals. Sadly, we tend to over consume this type of fat in our diet. Sources of omega 6 fats include sources of protein and often times foods high in sugar or glucose. This can result in their production internally.

Next there are Omega 3 fats these fats help aid in the breakdown of omega six fats. They also aid in healthy heart function as well as reduce inflammation. These are the most important fats for weight loss and the most under consumed in our diet. Sources include fish, nuts, seeds, and avocados.

Lastly, there are omega 9 fats. These fats take all the good benefits of omega six and omega 3 fats and combine them for a power packed boost. There are only 2 sources of these fats: hemp seeds and coconut.

When you begin your weight loss journey – be patient and take things one bite at a time on your road to weight loss and improved health.

By: Darryl Parker, CES


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