It has become common knowledge that smoking cigarettes are immensely detrimental to living a long, healthy life. It can result in heart disease, high blood pressure, and emphysema, all which have fatal consequences. But this was not always known. At one point, smoking cigarettes was a way of life embedded in American culture. It was when studies were conducted that people began to realize its dangers. As more and more people become aware of its harmful effects, a new issue has come into the light that can be considered analogous to smoking cigarettes. This issue is drinking soda. Although many are ignorant to its disadvantages, more research is confirming that drinking these high-sugar, high-calorie drinks leads to no good. Sodas are essentially liquids filled with carbohydrates, sugar, empty calories, preservatives, and coloring that all equate to poor health, a possible cause for obesity, and a rather expensive dental bill. In addition, soda generally contains caffeine, which is highly addictive. Because of this mass ignorance in the American population every year, an individual consumes an average of forty-six gallons of soda, which equals nearly five-hundred cans of soda. If the math is done properly, this is roughly 95,000 calories in a year, simply from drinking soda. As our knowledge continues to increase regarding this issue, it is important to put a stop to this bad habit in order to mask future generations from its terrible health-related consequences.


benefits of drinking water


As mentioned earlier, the side effects of drinking soda are numerous. It has been confirmed that drinking soda can lead to metabolic syndrome, heart disease, elevated triglycerides, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Although the extents of these consequences are baffling, many people continue to drink sodas for lack of knowledge regarding an alternative solution. As society becomes more health conscious, the market has begun to cater to it, releasing flavored water and other drinks that are better suited for the human body. However, before an alternative can be found, it is important to quit the habit of drinking soda all together. The reason this can be difficult at times can be traced to the addictive properties of soda such as sugar and caffeine. In order to kick the habit, attempting to minimize the amount of soda consumed is crucial. It would be ideal, however, to put a stop to it completely.

A common misconception in society is that diet sodas have virtually no implications because of the lack of calories. However, this is not entirely true. A recent study showed that fifty-seven percent of diet soda drinkers who drank two or more cans a day had become overweight after eight years, compared with forty-seven percent of those who sipped on a regular drink. The irony is that those who sacrificed taking in calories by drinking diet soda were the ones who eventually became obese. In addition, the sugar substitutes in diet soda are confirmed to have detrimental effects. A recent study proved that avid Diet Coke drinkers are at high risk of getting Alzheimer’s.

Now that it has become clear that sodas have essentially no advantage health-wise, it is important to find ways to avoid drinking them. Luckily, there are many alternatives. The best one is water, which leaves scientists baffled at how it can have so many positive attributes for an individual’s health. However, if more taste is desired, drinks such as Zevia or La Croix have significantly fewer calories, no caffeine, and even prove to be advantageous. Fresh squeezed juices and detox cleanses can help lower cholesterol and cardiovascular disease.

Because of the ardent work being done at this time, cigarettes may become obsolete for future generations. In the same way, sodas should become abolished as well. It is time for Americans to kick the can in order to reverse the effects of drinking soda. In this situation, ignorance or resistance to change could mean terrible outcomes for the health of imminent societies. For more information on nutrition, health, and wellness please schedule a consultation to see our medical professionals!




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