It has scientifically proved that a healthy diet can make your body healthy and protect you with many chronic diseases. Diet changes daily, but the fundamentals of a healthy diet never change. To improve children’s development, the performance of young and old, it is essential that they maintain a good and healthy food in addition to their physical activity and make it an integral part of their life. 

If you take care of your diet when you are young, this caution will help you in your old age.  

And if you are old, you should be more careful in your diet, because in old age man’s immune system weakens and his senses stop working. 

As a nutritionist, I would like to give you some tips on whether you are a young adult or an older man; these tips are helpful to you. 


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And I also try to clear up the confusion that people often have about how to eat a balanced and healthier diet regularly. Here are ten nutrition rules (yes, rules!) that I teach my patients, and that I wish everyone knew. 

1 – Make the most use of water in your daily life. 

Water is best to quench your thirst. Always use filtered water. An in-depth study of the human body has proven that drinking water can reduce your weight if you are overweight; therefore, most of the nutritionist’s recommended diet for weight loss is water. And likewise, you can increase your if you are low-weight. Always drink water with a gap of half an hour before having meals. Avoid drinking water between meals or immediately after meals. If you want to drink water after eating, drink water with a gap of half an hour after eating. 

2 – Eat when you feel hungry 

When we’re hungry, we’re more receptive, or prepared physiologically, to absorb nutrients, including glucose. When we’re not hungry, our body is not in a state when it’s prepared to absorb nutrients, If you do not feel hunger use fruits because fruits have an important role in appetite and they also remove the waste from the body. 

3 – Use organic fruits, vegetables, and grains if possible 

People who are allergic to foods or chemicals when they use organic produce, they eliminate this complaint. Generally, farms have heavy use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides in agriculture, which are very harmful to human health. Organic production does not contain such anything, so they are beneficial for human health. 

Make the most use of fruit.  

Use more of the seasonal fruits and more of the fruits that are good for the gut. 

Make the most use of fresh juices 

Make the most use of vegetables.  

Make the most use of boiled and uncooked vegetables as a salad. 

4 – Use everything fresh in your diet 

It is compulsory to use everything fresh and clean like meat, vegetables, fruits, grains etc. And if you buy and eat cooked food so this responsibility increases even more. If you make the slightest mistake in it, your health can be significantly damaged. Use meat of those animals whose blood has drained well from their body at the time of slaughtering, otherwise use fish.  

5 – Never go to sleep immediately after dinner 

Eat dinner with a gap of two hours before going to bed. Take a walk after eating especially after dinner, directly sleeping after dinner is very detrimental to your health. 

6 – Make more use of milk  

 One glass of milkshake early in the morning and one glass of hot milk before sleeping is beneficial for your health. 

7 – Make yogurt an integral part of your daily diet 

Avoid too many spicy foods. If you ever have to eat, use yogurt immediately. It eliminates the side effects of spicy foods, so using yogurt after spicy foods can save the stomach from irritation.  

8 – Avoid sugary drinks and soda water 

Sugary drinks have a high-fat content, and your brain can’t accurately measure the calories in sugary drinks, as it does about other solid foods. That is why when you drink sugary drinks, you get drunk excessively, causes of diseases like diabetes, obesity, blood pressure, etc. 

What can we do as a conclusion? 

You can’t completely change your diet right away, and I think that is impossible. Instead, in the light of my healthy diet advice try to make small changes in your diet to make your diet healthier. 

These tips will help you keep your diet healthy, and you can add something new to your diet. 

Without a massive change in your habits, you can make your overall diet healthier and more sustainable. 

If you want to live a healthy life, you must follow reliable nutritionist at Zenith’s advice of healthy diet to adopt good eating habits. Poor nutrition can make you tired faster. And this can increase the chances of weakening your muscles, senses and your body.


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