If your baby is learning to walk, it’s time to protect her. You will have to take some kind of precautions so that the baby does not get hurt in the house because children do not have any knowledge at this age. Let us see what types of accidents are most likely to happen at home with a baby.




Falling from the stairs-

Babies love the stairs made at home. As he learns to crawl or to walk lightly, he begins to show a craving to climb the stairs. But this puts his life in great danger as he can fall from it.

Head rumbling-

When the child starts walking, the mother is most happy, but when the child bangs his head somewhere while walking, then it becomes the mother’s life. The baby walks and wobbles with all his might. During this, the child has no control over his body, due to which he collides with the furniture.

Dropping things-

When babies learn to walk, they touch everything in the house. This can cause the table or anything else to fall when shaken. Due to this, serious injury to the child can ocurr at his own home.

Rolling off the bed-

If your baby is very agile, then you have to be very careful before taking him on the bed and sleeping. If you think that the child will fall from the bed while sleeping, then put a thick pillow on the side next to him, so that he will get support and he will not fall.

5. Keep away from the high chair-

Children in the house can insist on climbing on high chairs and tables. When he is made to sit on it, he collapses in an attempt to get off on his own. So keep all high chairs and tables away from their eyes.

When children are less than five years of age, they become victims of many types of accidents at home. When young children learn to walk on their knees, gradually they learn to stand, then they are very curious. During this, they want to see and touch everything with their hands. It is almost difficult to explain to children at this age that touching something can harm them. In such a situation, for the fast-growing children, we have to make our house safe for them and in some things you have to take care by taking precautions.



Let’s know the things where attention is needed…

  • If the child has started to turn, then soon he will also start turning, so do not leave him alone on the bed.
  • No sharp, sharp, rough, or small object should be left on the floor if it tries to slide.
  • If the child is learning to stand with support, keep the telephone out of his reach.
  • Keep the powder, acid, etc. used for cleaning purposes in a closed cupboard or in a high place.
  • Keep all types of pins, needles, scissors, knives, forks, spoons, matches, lighters, knives, and other sharp objects away.
  • If the mixer, oven, heater, toaster, etc. are not in use, keep the plug out.


Prevention of Toddler Injuries



Pay close attention to the kitchen

  • It is usually one of the home environments where most accidents happen.
  • Electric ovens, gas hose connections, current outlets, and boiling liquid can cause serious accidents and serious injury, and children should stay away from the kitchen.
  • Long-handled betel leaves are often one of the most dangerous ingredients.
  • Never place a knife or other sharp or sharp object within reach of a child.
  • If elderly people live in your home, you should also keep in mind that their motor skills and reflexes are slower than those of a younger person.
  • For example, a pot containing boiling water becomes difficult to handle. So, the best thing you can do is take a closer look, if you have to cook.

Use non-slip rugs

  • This suggestion applies to any place in the house where you lay the carpet. While it would be best not to have any, it is also true that they are essential.
  • Nowadays material mats are available which reduce the risk of slipping or tripping on their edges.

Lock and keys

  • In the case of locks, always choose the double command. These allow you to open the room both from inside and outside.
  • For example, this can be a great solution if your kids are unintentionally locked in a room or grandma didn’t notice a gas leak
  • For door handle designs, avoid ones that have sharp edges. In a fall, these can cause serious injuries to the head or face.
  • On the other hand, keep in mind that turning a perfectly round knob can be difficult, especially for children.

Chairs and electrical installations

  • This is one of the main elements to keep in mind to avoid accidents in the home, and against which adults are more sensitive to care.

So, start with prevention tips for your toddlers and be a perfect responsible parent. Do not neglect your toddler’s minor injuries and consult our expert doctors at Zenith Injury Relief & Wellness Clinic.

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