Worker's Compensation

Workers compensation injuries resulting from work accidents Can be devastating.

You’re in pain, out of work, and wondering if you’ll ever be able to enjoy the full and active life you once knew. The accident may not have been your fault, but there you are, paying the price for someone else’s mistake or negligence. The days pass by and you’re still in agony, still laid up and still wondering what to do. This is why your employer mostly likely has workers compensation insurance. Furthermore, most workers compensation insurance plans cover Physical Rehabilitation care for good reason. Physical Rehabilitation has been proven to reduce the costs of workers compensation injury treatment and get employees back to work quicker and safer to their optimal work levels. We have experienced providers that are OSHA friendly & outcome focused. We are in with most workers compensation networks as a preferred provider

Don’t go another day enduring unnecessary pain and concern. With the help of a good chiropractic doctor, you can regain your mobility and strength and start enjoying life again. At ZENITH’s multiple clinics in Dallas Ft. Worth, our team provides physical rehabilitation for personal injuries resulting from auto accidents or work-related accidents. We provide ergonomics training, work safety programs, functional capacity exams & physical performance exams. Workers compensation claimants are always welcome, and we can assist with Department of Labor, Texas and Federal Workers Compensation paperwork. Call us, email us, or follow the link below to schedule your appointment today!

  • I’ve been injured on the job, what should I do?
  • There has been a work-related death in my family – does workers’ compensation cover this?
  • Do I have to receive my income or death benefit payments through an access card program?
  • I have questions regarding my claim, who can help me?
  • What are medical benefits and how do I get them?
  • How can I find a doctor who will treat me for my injury?
  • My doctor has taken me off work due to my injury. Will I be compensated for my time off? What benefits am I entitled to? How will I get paid?
  • I haven’t been released to return to work yet, but I think I am ready. What should I do?
  • The insurance carrier is denying my claim, what should I do?
  • Do I need an attorney to assist me with my workers’ compensation claim?
  • What is an Ombudsman? How do I obtain the assistance of an Ombudsman?
  • I have just received a letter that says I am scheduled for a designated doctor appointment. Do I have to go and what will the designated doctor do?
  • How does an employee report an unsafe work environment?
  • Is my claim file information confidential?
  • I am having problems paying my bills, where can I get help?
  • What is a Letter of Clarification (LOC)?
  • Can the Texas Department of Insurance, Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) provide me a copy of the workers’ compensation claim file maintained by DWC?