Obesity is one of the common problems prevailing nowadays. Every second person is suffering from obesity. Being Over-weight is not an issue but compromised health and obesity-related health conditions effects overall health, such as metabolic issues. Metabolism differs from person to person. Often people with lean bodies have also metabolic questions. Mostly fat in the abdominal cavity, The belly fat is a cause of problems even if you are not very heavy. 

If you have a large waistline number than you need to check the following steps which will change your life. 


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What is the most useful tip to lose belly fat? 

Following are the dietary tips which can help you lose belly fat: 

Cut White sugar and sugary drinks: 

Refined sugars have adverse effects on health. It has a drastic impact on metabolic health, and having excess refined sugar can cause weight gain. 

Sugar is composed of glucose and fructose, and excess fructose converts into fat which starts to deposit around your abdominal cavity and liver. 

Sugar is also known to because of insulin resistance, as it increases abdominal fat and liver fat which leads to insulin resistance and various metabolic disorders. 

Liquid sugars are more dangerous as the liquid becomes part of blood instantly and raises blood sugar levels and have more calories, which convert excess sugars to fat and hence leading to weight gain. 

Try to cut refined sugars from your diet completely, which includes high-sugar drinks, sodas, fruit juices, and other confectionery products having high levels of sugar content. 

You can have brown sugar, jaggery instead or if you crave sweet than have some dates or whole fruits, which are healthy and full of nutrients and helps you to lose belly fat. 

Incorporate more protein: 

Protein is a building block of the body; it also helps to reduce weight. 

Incorporating more proteins in the diet can help you to reduce your cravings, having 80-100 calories a day will help you to eat 400 to 500 lesser calories hence leads to weight loss. 

Different studies show women having more protein in the diet have no or less belly fat. 

Protein sources are  

  • Eggs
  • Meat 
  • Fish
  • Pulses
  • Nuts 
  • Legumes 
  • Dairy products

You can also have protein supplements, like whey protein and protein shakes 

Which foods can help you lose belly fat? 

There is no shortcut or magic food which can help you to reduce weight. It’s a healthy lifestyle and dietary modifications that can help you to maintain good health and a low waistline. 

Incorporating the following foods in moderation can help you to lose belly fat. 

Oats, nuts, olive oil, coconut oil, peanut butter, almond butter, berries, fruits, papaya, orange, Fish, eggs, lemon, pulses, etc. 

Does lemon water reduce belly fat? 

There are several benefits of lemon, no doubt. It contains Vitamin C, which helps to remove free radicals and toxins from the body. It also boosts up immunity and increases body metabolism. 

But saying lemon water reduces belly fat has no scientific evidence. It helps to boost your metabolism and remove toxins which can eventually help to reduce weight. 

A good healthy lifestyle with a proper diet and having lemon water altogether can help you to reduce weight. 

Can you lose belly fat just by running? 

Exercising is very good for the overall health of the body and helps to reduce weight. But saying only running can lose belly fat is wrong. Cardio, along with a calorie-restricted diet, will only help you to reduce weight. 

How long will it take to reduce belly fat? 

Reducing belly fat caries from person to person, it’s a process of adopting a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating. There is no shortcut and no over-night method. Patience and consistency are critical to a functional lean body. 

In a nutshell, adopting a healthy lifestyle and proper diet (cutting sugars and cards and having more proteins ) will help you to reduce belly fat. 

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