Founder and Owner

Growing up, I always had an innate desire to help people.
I knew from a young age that healthcare was my calling. I was determined to make a difference in the lives of those around me. What I had seen my whole life up until I started Chiropractic school was medicine as the solution for sickness. With this mindset,
I decided to pursue a career in pharmacy. Working as a pharmacy technician throughout my university years at UT Dallas opened my eyes to a truly broken system. Patients would come in month after month attempting to “treat” a disease with medicine that was
actually just masking symptoms and not addressing the root cause.
I was introduced to chiropractic towards the end of my senior
year in college and with just a limited understanding of what its philosophies were, I took a leap of faith and redirected my goals by applying to and attending Parker University. It made all of the difference. Though the curriculum was rigorous, challenging,and fast-paced, my four years

of extensive training at Parker University were absolutely transformative. I learned about how amazing and resilient our bodies are and how, with proper alignment, nutrition, and fitness, they can be a powerhouse of healing and growth.
At ZENITH, we’re going to transform you into your best self.
Our lineup of professionals under one roof allow for us to provide you a truly integrated and all-encompassing solution to your healthcare needs. It’s what I love the most about being a part of this movement. It’s more than just a job. We’re changing lives at ZENITH every single day and I feel excited, honored, and optimistic about the true healthcare we are bringing into the community.
In my free time I enjoy spending time with family. I am happily married to my wife Sara who is a Dentist and has two practices here in DFW. We have a 1 year old son, Isa, dog, Gus, and a baby boy on the way! I was born in Texas, live in Frisco and love traveling all over the world. I also enjoy working out, reading, hiking, grilling and playing soccer.