Join Us Today at Zenith Injury Relief & Wellness Clinic

Join Us Today at Zenith Injury Relief & Wellness Clinic

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At our office, we believe in treating team members with respect, kindness, and encouragement. We nurture an environment that’s specifically catered to creating lifelong happy and fulfilled employees. We firmly believe that where you work has a huge impact on your overall quality of life so why not choose somewhere that values your mental, physical, and emotional health? Competitive pay, achievable monthly bonuses, advanced technology, and a steady stream of wonderful patients are just a few of the reasons our team members love working here!


Building lean processes and procedures, marketing, HIPPA/Compliance, Team meetings, and training. Building and creating physician, community and attorney relationship for patient referrals.

Medical Director

Seeing patients, follow ups, Review charts, clinical meetings and overseeing all medical staff.

Nurse Practitioner

Medical new patient exams, follow ups, labs, cardiovascular testing, prescriptions, medical weight loss, appetite suppressants, medication management, B12 and Skinny shot injections, IV Vitamin Infusions, botox, face and lip fillers, kabella.

Physical Therapist

Outpatient setting, Perform orthopedic exams, physical performance exams, Imaging f/u’s, Re-exams, execute prescribed tx plans, sports therapy, pre and post surgical therapy, physical therapy, manual therapy, therapeutic exercises, therapeutic activities, neuromuscular re-education, gait training, and traction therapies.


Perform new patient orthopedic and neurological exams, Imaging f/u’s, Re-exams, tx plans, physical rehabilitation, chiropractic adjustments, manual therapy and creating physician and attorney relationships, clinical staff meetings, peer to peer calls, audits, talking to nurse case managers, PI, workers comp, and compliance.

Practice Manager

Overseeing scheduling patients, verifying insurance, billing, marketing, KPI data analytics, inventory and supplies, hiring and firing, onboarding, team meetings, staff schedule, bookkeeper, accounting, handling patient complaints, training employees, patient complaints and physician and imaging referral coordinator.

Medical Assistant

Multi-speciality Medical charting, executing doctors orders and referrals, phlebotomy, IM injection (B12, Skinny shots, testosterone), IV vitamin infusions, manage patient scheduling, verifying insurance, sending faxes, sending patient referrals to specialist, sending out prescription to pharmacy, sending radiology, bloodwork and diagnostics labs, verifying insurance, tracking patient care plan, medical inventory and supplies.

Patient Care Coordinator

Manage patient scheduling, check in/check out, going over financials, verifying insurance, sending faxes, sending patient referrals to specialist, radiology and labs, tracking patients through their care plan, scheduling multi-speciality appointments & internal marketing.

Functional Movement Specialist

Cardiac/HR monitoring, therapeutic exercise, therapeutic activities, weight training, high intensity interval training, body composition.

Foundational Movement Specialist

FMS testing, movement analysis, form, posture, physical performance exams, increase physical strength, core and para-spinal strengthening, body composition, neuromuscular re-education, gait training and medical scribing.

Physical Therapy Assistant

Performing and executing Doctor’s recommended treatment plan Physical, Foundational, and Rehabilitation, Physical Performance Exams, Passive modalities, Manual Therapy, and Medical Documentation.

Massage Therapist

Performing massage therapy, sports massage, deep tissue, kinesiology taping, cupping, Graston, trigger point therapy, hot stone massage, lymphatic drainage and stretch therapy.

Physical Rehabilitation Specialist

Assist Doctors with recommended treatment plan: Physical, Foundational, and Functional Rehabilitation. Ice/Heat therapy, E-Stim, ultrasound, traction, stretches.

Billing Specialist

Billing Specialist: Data entry into EHR, insurance verification, prior authorizations, accounts receivable, personal injury, workers comp, commercial insurance & any billing related inquiry.

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Social media marketing and managing. Every door direct mailers. Content, creative, brochure, photos and videos.

External Marketing Coordinator

Referral coordinator, events and all external marketing to businesses, physicians and attorneys.


Managing Invoices/receipts, profit & loss, bills, P & L, quickbooks management.

Human Resources

HR benefits mall, credentials, training, employee handbook, background checks, drug testing, disciplinary action, handling employee concerns, clock in and out, time off, health insurance, benefits, bonuses, pay stubs, hiring and firing.

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